Kitchens are for more than just cooking, being the room where you talk, laugh, and share memories with the ones you love.  The coziest place in your house deserves to embrace the seasons by bringing in warm and rich fall colors like chocolate brown, golden yellow, and burnt orange. The changing colors of the leaves can become the perfect inspiration to warm up your favorite room of the house.

Get in the spirit of fall by embracing rustic touches, like dried wheat bundles, twigs, corn husks. Use pumpkins, gourds, and squash to decorate kitchen tables and countertops, pairing them with coordinating florals and foliage. If you can find it outside when the temperatures start to drop, then it belongs in your cozy fall kitchen. So light some candles and bundle up!

White pumpkins

If looking to bring the spirit of fall into the home without overwhelming guests with pops of orange everywhere, white pumpkins are a happy compromise. White pumpkins can be made to look elegant when paired with fall foliage, florals, or various twigs, treasures, and textures. These easy decorations add instant personality to your kitchen countertops, dining room table, dish hutch, and the top of your appliances.

Pair with candles for a look that is cozy and totally autumn appropriate. You can even write inspirational quotes or quotes that remind us to be thankful this fall season.

These pumpkins are a blank canvas – they’ll look good with almost anything in your kitchen!

Gourds, pumpkins, & foliage

Fall in the garden brings an abundance of unique offerings, including different types of gourds, pumpkins, and squash. Pick up some fun pumpkins or gourds at the supermarket, and then take a walk around your neighborhood to collect leaves that have changed colors. Cluster groups in various colors with fall toned foliage or florals, like sumac, garden mums, or oak leaf hydrangea.

Classic fall colors

Fall means warm tones, and these tones can be used to cozy up a normally cool kitchen. Buy pumpkins in a traditional orange color, then pairing with complimentary tones like chocolate brown, amber, tan, or beige. Use raw wooden accents and textures like hay or cornhusks to represent the changing moods of the season.

Feminine fall florals

Autumn is known for falling leaves in vibrant colors and cold winds stripping tree branches bare. This drastic changing of the season can pair surprisingly well with florals, adding a soft touch of elegance and femininity. Use white or pastel painted pumpkins with coordinating florals for a look that is sweet and cozy, or pair vibrant orange and yellow roses with complimentary pumpkins and fall fruits

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