Choose the best style of kitchen cabinets for you

Here’s our ultimate list of the many styles to choose from.

Shaker kitchen cabinets

shaker kitchen cabinets miami fl 1020

Solid painted timber doors with a framed feature and veneered centre panel continue to be a popular winner. They are known for being a timeless and versatile choice – yet, depending on the colour you choose, it’s possible to create some dramatically different looks. Fresh whites and pretty pastels are Scandi cool. Navy blue and slate greys are on trend and dramatic, while sage greens and creams are classic, especially when paired with lighter timber worktops.

Slab kitchen cabinets

Slab kitchen cabinets miami fl prokdd

Slab door designs are a smooth canvas that can be customised to suit a range of environments. Whether it is a simple functional budget kitchen, or a high-design aesthetic look in vibrant colours. For low maintenance, choose matt finishes over gloss and opt for handleless cabinetry, too. Not only is it easier to keep clean, it looks super-sleek and is safer if you have little ones running around.

High-gloss kitchen cabinets

Modern designs have moved on from swathes of clinical white or brassy red gloss. The most recent trend is for units in beautiful neutral shades – think grey, mushroom, Champagne and cream. They still boats the same flowing lines and fuss-free finish that high-gloss is loved for, but the soft colours bring character and are easier to live with.

New engineering techniques have also helped give new life to a material that was previously out of favour, making it seem even more glossy and uniform.

Freestanding kitchen cabinets

Freestanding kitchen cabinets miami fl prokdd 1020

For those seeking a more relaxed approach to to their kitchen design, the option of buying freestanding cabinets is proving increasingly attractive. Often initiated by the desire to protect original architectural features from the permanent attachment of modern fitted units, the freestanding kitchen is a particularly popular choice in period properties.

The trend is also being embraced in contemporary kitchens, most notably large open-plan spaces where the kitchen can take centre stage thanks to standalone cabinetry. Another bonus? If you fall in love with your kitchen, you can take it with you when you move.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

Don’t forget your internal fittings and finishing touches

Finally, think about the extra fittings you need to frame your doors. Also handles and any storage solutions. These will cost extra, but can make a dramatic difference visually. They’ll also make your kitchen more functional.

Here’s a checklist of finishings to think about:

Plinths Also, known as kickboards, these run along the floor beneath units to cover up standard unit legs, which can be ugly. If you have chosen freestanding units on legs you don’t need these.

Cornices The upper frame around fitted wall units. Hides cabinet tops and gives a neater look.

Drawers and runners Make sure drawer runners are full-extension. This provides a full view of the contents and will prevent items getting lost in teh backs of drawers. Always check the load capacity of drawer runners, particularly on wide pan drawers. blum’s heavy-duty drawer runners can hold up to 70kg, meaning you can have wider, deeper drawers that store more, without compromising smooth operation.

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