Many people love the homely feel of a traditional kitchen. However, the kitchen is probably the room in the home that most people want to look modern, contemporary and cool above any other. There’s just something about a minimalist look tinged with metallic accents. It’s striking and eye-catching. So, whether you’re thinking about creating a new look from scratch for your kitchen or you want to add some inspirational features to an existing design, here are some ideas to get you started.

Contemporary and cool: The all-white color scheme

For the ultimate in contemporary and cool kitchen styles, it’s a case of it being all white on the night. Nothing says contemporary, chic and cool quite like an all-white color scheme in the kitchen. It’s simplicity and style blended together in beautiful harmony. Using different textures across the space is a good way of breaking up the use of a single color. It also prevents the look from becoming too clinical.

On-trend blues and greys as an alternative to white

If you are feeling a little less daring and don’t feel totally comfortable with the bright, all-white look, a sensible alternative is to opt for the contemporary and cool combination of blues and greys.

Grey tones, pastels and blues have a timeless appeal and offer a warmth that is missing from white alone.

Cool and contemporary: Incorporate stylish design classics

Shaker kitchens are a classic design look for the kitchen. They have stood the test of time and are certainly timeless. This means that if you want a contemporary and cool kitchen that has longevity and lasting appeal, Shaker-style is your go-to choose.

The future is matt and the importance of light

If you want a sleek and sophisticated look for the contemporary kitchen, matt is where it’s act. For cabinets and interiors, matt works beautifully with tiled and mirrored splash backs.

Of course, regardless of your specific choices for a contemporary and cool look for the kitchen, one thing you definitely want to do is to maximize the natural light in the space. Everybody knows that light has the power to make a space feel much brighter and more spacious. Furthermore, this is especially true with an all-white scheme.  Another way to make the most of the light is to invest in bi-fold, metal or sliding windows or doors.

Make the kitchen a contemporary and cool social space

The kitchen is the hub of the home. Moreover, if space allows, the kitchen is much more than a practical area where food is prepared. It can be a dining, entertaining and social space too. All in all, creating a contemporary and cool kitchen is much more than choosing fixtures and fittings.

A kitchen island or breakfast bar provides the perfect spot for entertaining guests and unwinding with family.

Making the most of limited space

When it comes to space, it’s not just how much of it you have that matters. Making the most of it is what really counts. The key thing to remember is that all tips and tricks that exist about creating a contemporary and cool look for your kitchen can easily be incorporated into smaller spaces too. With a creative mind and a little bit of design know-how, a lot can be achieved.

Mix and blend materials: Natural and Industrial

Adding a touch of the industrial to a design is a sure-fire way to create an ultra-modern look to your kitchen. From concrete islands to solid wood floors, the mix of the natural and the industrial is a winning combination.

Wood is a great way to add warmth to cool contemporary looks. Red and dark toned woods add depth. If a lighter look is more your thing, beech is a great option.

Creating a modern and stylish look for the kitchen is within your grasp if you follow these design tips and inspirational ideas. What’s more, it doesn’t matter. if you are planning wholesale changes and are thinking of a major refurbishment project, or you just want to freshen things up a bit, there’s plenty you can do.

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