Instead of letting Tupperware lids float around your kitchen cabinets wherever they can fit — a risky move that almost guarantees you’ll never be able to find the exact size you’re looking for — stack them from largest to smallest in a separate box. In this way you learn to organize kitchen cabinets the easy way.

Attempting to organize kitchen cabinets or your kitchen drawers makes you feel in control of its contents. Or, at least, gives you a better idea of exactly what’s in there. And, if you’re very good at organizing, you can tell at a glance where to locate whatever it is you need – right now!

Top tips for organizing those kitchen cabinets

But the skill of trying to organize kitchen cabinets or open shelving isn’t just about being able to get a hold of items without having to hunt for them. There is also an aesthetic appeal there too. Or, at least there should be – if you want your kitchen to make you feel good and impress visitors anyway. So, what kind of organizing should you be doing for your kitchen cupboards and open shelving? Well, from art-filled floating shelves and pasta shell jars in ascending order, here are some smart and on-trend ideas right here:


Keep on top of Tupperware


Who doesn’t have loads of Tupperware taking up too much space in a particular drawer or kitchen cabinet. Not only that, but if it’s in an overhead cabinet, chances are when you go to get a tub, another couple fall out on top of you. That’s because you’re not keeping the lids in a separate drawer. Do this and you can arrange the tubs inside of each other in size order. Easy peasy!

Color-code your cookware


Arrange pots, pans, casserole dishes and large coffee pots etc in terms of color and place them on open shelving. You can also add your cookbooks to this idea too. Not only does it look great, but it also adds a colorful decorative touch to your kitchen.

Spice up your Lazy Susan


If you don’t already have one, then install a small Lazy Susan in one of your kitchen cabinets. This way you can store and access your spices easily – and within seconds! It also means a tidier kitchen cabinet, since rummaging through a host of bottles trying to find the right one for your recipe means you end up messing everything up in there. Go on, admit it… you love us for this one!

Then again, other great way to store your spices if you have a metal cooker hood or other steel sheeting in the kitchen, is to use metallic spice jars. This ensures what you need is close by when you need it most.

Organize jars by height


Invest in a whole pile of glass mason jars from a wholesale store and organize them by height (tallest to smallest) on open shelving. You could use them to store breakfast muesli, pasta, lentils and other legumes, sugar, flour and nuts. It’s all the stuff that would normally be stuffed inside a kitchen cabinet in other words.

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Keep a lid on pot lids


Wondering how to store all those pesky potlids that keep falling out the cupboard every time you reach for a pot? It’s easy! Simply add a tension rod to the side or back of a cabinet and slot the pot lids in there. This gives you plenty of space for the pots themselves and means you can take them out the cupboard without all that clanging of lids. Result!

Use hooks to hang


Hammering in a handful of hooks (or more) under an open kitchen shelf gives you a great way to store mugs and cups. And if those drinking vessels are colorful and attractive, then better still as far as the attractiveness of your kitchen is concerned! This is also such a great way to use wasted space – an area which is never going to be used for anything.

Another thing you can do with hooks is to hammer them into the inside of cabinet doors. Then you can hang kitchen accessories such as wooden spoons, whisks and even your clumsy-to-store food processor attachments to them.

Shuffle in a few shelf risers


It is perfectly possible to double the space you have in your kitchen cabinets by adding in a shelf riser or two. You don’t even have to assemble them – just place on any shelf and, hey-presto, you can store so many more items – and in such a neat way too.

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