We all know that choosing the correct colour scheme can affect the design of a kitchen but did you know that it can also change how you feel? In the second of a series of posts, we explore the psychology of blue kitchens.


Blue is a conservative and traditional colour that is popular for its soothing feel. It has an air of calmness and serenity that adds a peaceful, tranquil and secure ambience, bringing a sense of order to any room it is used in. Conversely, blue is sometimes associated with sadness or detachment, especially within art, and has connections with appetite loss – which makes a lot of sense when you consider that blue rarely occurs naturally in food. For these reasons, it needs to be used wisely in a home so as not to give off the wrong feeling.

There are many shades of blue, from delicate baby blue to vibrant and rich ultramarine. Colors such as teal have subtle additions of yellow and when used in combination with a variety of other shades can either emphasize or diminish blue’s calmness and change the overall sensation of a kitchen. Inchyra Blue by Farrow & Ball is a great example of how blue can be transformed when yellow is added to create a green tinge. Depending on the light, this dark moody tone can even look grey.


Although calming, using blue in a kitchen can create a bold statement – more so with the rich shades than the powder hues such as Pavilion Blue. Using blue in a controlled manner results in a subtler design – introducing blue accents on accessories or appliances for instance. In this example, Blue helps to retain the light airy feel of the kitchen.

Key Considerations

  • •Blue instils feelings of peacefulness, tranquillity and security.
  • •Creates a stimulating effect when used in excess.
  • •Use to create a light and airy kitchen.
  • •Consider using blue accents on accessories and appliances.
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