It’s really exciting when you decide you need a new kitchen. Your next challenge will be what to choose. There is so much choice these days. It might take you a while to agree on the style and layout.

Are you the sort of person who looks at house magazines for inspiration? Collecting a whole host of ideas. Picking out the elements you like from lots of different kitchens.

But will they work together? Can you source the units to give you the look you want? Well here are some themes you might want to add into the mix.

   1. Color contrast

There was a time when you picked a single colour for your kitchen units. These days you have colour, texture and finish to consider. But if you successfully mix and match these elements, it will provide interest and depth to your kitchen.

Kitchen painted Parisian blue and stone. Worktop is Calacatta porcelain.

Central island showing integrated solid oak trays and chopping boards.

Open wall display unit with curved doors.

Curved base door with moulded skirting plinth.

If you prefer something a little bit more subtle, there are softer tones you can combine. Creating a different look but definitely not shouting out at you. It’s more about living in harmony with each other.

kitchen painted lavender grey and cashmere with grey slate effect worktop.

Solid oak spice drawer sets within central island.

2. Keep it simple

Sometimes the simplest of design and finish can have the biggest impact. You don’t need to fill the whole kitchen with cupboards and draws. Think about the space you have and how you want to live in it.

Kitchens are very social areas so why not include some sofas. You should always have enough worktop for cooking but lots of space to eat, drink and chat.

Stained carbon oak and Ferro painted iron. Worktop is Dekton Orix ultra compact. Shows custom designed unit for holding potted herbs.

An example of less is more. This kitchen has base cabinets only to accommodate this unconventinal space. Floating shelves provide added storage.

In a small space, to have a feature element will make quite a statement. It will announce your kitchen. Definitely a piece to be admired, drawing your guests into the space.

 3. Beauty on the inside

Not everybody wants their kitchen to make a statement. For some this type of kitchen can make the space difficult to live in from day to day. You may prefer a more understated style.

Perhaps something that unearths the real beauty of your kitchen once it is revealed. And why not. When you start opening the cupboards and draws be prepared to stand back in amazement. Perfectly designed, oozing quality and incredibly practical.

Four door larder displaying internal coffee station with open shelving and storage draw, with coffee pod holder


Fusion Studio TIFF File

Pan draws showing solid oak secret cutlery drawer with dovetail joints and inconspicuously positioned matte black handles.

Spice drawer and solid oak inset tray combination.

Oak larder unit showing convenient internal storage including spice rack, open shelving and drawers designed to view contents at a glance.

Dresser internal featuring glass holder and bottle rack.

There is little doubt that whatever kitchen style or design you like, there is plenty of choice. It’s not uncommon to start with an idea in your mind and end up with something completely different.

That’s not in a bad way. It’s more about your mind being opened to look at other possibilities. Some you probably hadn’t even thought about. A good quality kitchen fitter can talk you through all the options and discuss what works well together.

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