2019 Modern Kitchen Ideas

Simple & Functional

You don’t need many kitchen color ideas to make your kitchen look welcoming. Black and white kitchen furniture design with glass panels will stand the test of time. This super functional kitchen design offers a lot of storage space, a large sink and a generous stove.

Add your personal touch by installing a kitchen worktop shelf and displaying your favorite pictures or décor objects. In addition, the shelf can also accommodate recipe books.

Lofty & Modern

Spacious kitchen plans can be tricky to furnish and decorate. If the space allows you, choose a show-stopping chandelier for your kitchen. It will instantly update the room and make it look splendid.

Clear, clean, white kitchen worktops will always make a kitchen look bigger and neater. For a pop of freshness, add flowers and fruit on the kitchen island. Let the natural light shine on your white kitchen furniture and keep the rest of the accessories subdued.

lofty and modern kitchen miami fl

White & Chrome

When in doubt, choose white and chrome kitchen colour schemes. This is yet another timeless combination that looks gorgeous and feels comfortable. For a lot of storage, choose tall kitchen wall cupboards and cabinets with glass panels at the top. Display your favourite kitchen decors and keep your kitchen utensils out, where they are easy to reach.

If you can only invest in one piece, let the sink and tap steal the show. By investing in luxurious, reliable pieces, you will reap the benefits of your choice for years to come.

white chrome kitchen cabinets miami fl

Classic Beauty

Practical & Classy

If you’re a cooking aficionado, you want to make sure that your kitchen remodeling incorporates space and comfort and that you have everything at your fingertips. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics.

For a practical, classic kitchen plan, choose a kitchen with an island and high stools. Keep the colour palette neutral for a timeless style and add fresh pops of colour with a few chic golden pendant ceiling lights as a focal point. A white kitchen is fantastic for that fresh and open plan kitchen feeling, whereas a predominantly grey kitchen is perfect if you’re after sophistication and style.

classic beauty kitchen miami fl

Neat & Effortless

If you want to take a minimalist approach to your kitchen design, you won’t go wrong with a duo chromatic color palette. A predominantly white kitchen is soothing, clean, fresh and ageless. It’s gorgeously complemented by deep blue, which is practical, elegant and easy on the eyes. Think blue kitchen cabinets, blue quartz worktop or navy blue kitchen accessories. If you’re feeling bold, you could even opt for blue kitchen units.

By painting the walls and the ceiling in the same white color, you can make the room seem taller. Use glass décor items (or even a glass worktop) to exude a modern kitchen remodel that appears effortless. Fresh herbs are not only nutritious and delicious but they also look beautiful and make for fantastic kitchen decorative accessories ideas.

neat effortless kitchen miami fl

Black & Gold

The combination of black and gold is timeless and especially perfect for a vintage style kitchen. Reminiscent of the art deco style, this colour combination looks stunning in a spacious kitchen with wall walls and light coloured flooring. Think a gallery style kitchen layout in your own home.

To avoid the matchy-matchy kitchen design style, when using the same colour for different objects, make sure to choose different textures. For instance, a matte black island can be paired with glossy black chairs and a granite black sink – thinking along these lines can help you achieve various different kitchen styles to suit you and your home.

black and gold kitchen miami fl

Understated Charm

Not everyone knows what kitchen styles they prefer. Whether you’re an eclectic or a traditionalist, you can still play around with textures, colours and small kitchen decorations to achieve your personal style. There are no rules for creating your dream kitchen design.

A blush-pink accent pendant ceiling light can be the statement piece to add to your ideal kitchen layout. Pair it with minimalist designer or vintage kitchen furniture, depending on your tastes. Cream kitchen chairs (or any light neutral wooden chairs) and white kitchen cupboards go together beautifully and create a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for one of the best kitchen layouts for cooking and enjoying dinner.

Elegant & Luxurious

Make those big beautiful kitchens feel royal with the help of furniture and accessories to achieve a contemporary kitchen design. The white shelving and kitchen wall cupboards look expensive and extremely elegant, while the glass panels are functional yet still opulent. It creates a traditional kitchen with a French twist that emanates class. 

The grey accessories, grey chairs and grey island kitchen layout can make the kitchen look very distinguished and refined. The duo chromatic aesthetic is soothing and makes this ideal kitchen layout look and feel spacious.

elegant and luxurious kitchen cabinets miami fl

Traditional & Clean

Choose this design if you are a fan of traditional styles. With simple, white kitchen wall cupboards and cabinets, dark marble worktops and wood effect floors, this kitchen is elegant and timeless.

The delicate chandelier adds the finishing touches and the flowers are a welcome pop of colour that make the room fresh and youthful.

traditional and clean kitchen miami fl

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